Library card and rules


Library card

Become a library user

Getting a library card is free and easy. 

Anyone living in Norway can sign up for a National Loan Card, which can be used at most libraries across Norway. Loaners that don't have a Norwegian ID card, or by others reasons, can get a local loan card, which can be used at all the branches of the Public library in Trondheim. 

If you are under 15 years of age, you must have one of your parents sign for you. Schools, day-care centres and other institutions register under the name of the institution and an official from the institution.



Apply for a library card

To apply for a library card online, fill out the loan card form here or visit the library.

Library card on your mobile phone 


Getting the library card on you mobile phone is easy. You can download the Bibliofil mobile application in the App Store, for Apple devices, or in Google Play if you are using an Android device.

Having logged in using your library card number and personal PIN code, you can use the app with the self-service check out machines at the library. For your safety, make an password the first time you use the app. 

You can also reserve and renew your loans in the Bibliofil application. 

Lending regulations

The normal loan period is four weeks. Exceptions: e-bike (three days) weekly loans (cannot be renewed); tools ( one week), films and CDs: two weeks; periodicals: two weeks; language courses: eight weeks.

The loan can be renewed twice if the borrowed material has not been reserved by anyone else.

If what you want is loaned out, it can be reserved for you. You will be notified by e-mail, SMS or letter when the material is in and ready for you to borrow.

Films borrowed from the library are for private use only. The age limit for borrowing a film is the same as the recommended age limit on the film. The library is not liable for any damage to the video/CD/DVD player etc.

Overdue returns

If a loan is more than six days overdue, a reminder is sent via e-mail, SMS or letter, and the borrower must pay a fine. The first reminder is sent one week after the due date: NOK 40 for adults (anyone over 15 years of age). The last reminder is sent three weeks after the due date: NOK 80 for adults. You can pay the fine online, log on with your library card and pin, or at the library.


Loss and damage

A debt collection bill is sent five weeks after the due date. Lost and damaged material must be compensated for at the following rates:

Material for adults 
Books 400,-
Audiobooks 500,-
Films 300,-
CDs 300,-
CD-ROM 500,-
Language courses 1000,-
Periodicals 100,-
Console games 600,-
Material loaned from other libraries                       800,-


Material for children
Books 250,-
Audiobooks 300,-
Films 250,-
CDs 250,-
CD-ROM 500,-
Language courses 1000,-
Periodicals 100,-
Console games 600,-
Material loaned from other libraries                       800,-

Music instruments, e-bikes and tools have separate compensation rates. Contact the library for more information. 

The loan rules and compensation rates can be changed without warning. 

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