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Library card

Become a library user

Anyone who lives in Norway can receive a national library card, which one can use at libraries across the whole country. Borrowers with no Norwegian ID-number, schools, kindergartens and institutions will receive a local card, which one can only use to borrow from libraries in Trondheim.

When registering for the first time, you fill out the library-card form. Parents must fill out the form for children under 15 years of age. Parents who are unable to fill out the form online can use a paper form, which one fills out and delivers to the library. Children can receive a library card from the time they start school.

Get a library card

Library card and PIN-code

Take good care of the card and bring it with you when you visit the library. Inform the library if you lose your card. If you lose a plastic card, a new one costs 20 NOK.

Getting the library card on you mobile phone is easy. You can download the Bibliofil mobile application in the App Store, for Apple devices, or in Google Play if you are using an Android device.

You must create a 4-digit PIN code when you make application for a library card. This is what you use to borrow from our automated check-outs, to log in to our wireless network, to open up Extended hours Library (‘Meråpne bibliotek’ in Norwegian) and to borrow over the counter. You can change the PIN code at My Pages (‘Mine sider’ in Norwegian) or over the counter by showing identification. We encourage parents to create a PIN code for their child that is easy for the child to remember. For your safety, make an password the first time you use the app.

You yourself are responsible for keeping your contact information updated. Change it yourself through the Bibliofil App or contact us.


When you have a library card and borrow materials from us, you have the following duties:

  • To treat the library’s materials nicely
  • To return borrowed materials by the due date
  • To compensate for damage to (or the loss of) borrowed materials
  • To ensure your contact information, as registered in our system, is update

Parents are responsible for ensuring that children under 15 years of age uphold these duties. From the age of 15, you are considered an adult and are yourself responsible. For institutions, the contact person or director is the party held responsible.

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Borrowing periods and extensions

The usual borrowing period is 4 weeks.


  • Electric bicycle: 3 days
  • Week-loan books: 1 week
  • Tools: 1 week
  • Film and TV series: 2 weeks
  • Music: 2 weeks:
  • Language course: 8 weeks
  • Books lent out to schools or kindergartens: 42 days

You can renew a loan up to two (2) times, if the material is not reserved for others.

Exceptions to this rule include week-loans, electric bicycles and tools (One cannot extend a loan of these items). You can extend a loan at My Pages (‘Mine sider’ in Norwegian) or through the Bibliofil App.

If what you want is loaned out, it can be reserved for you. You will be notified by e-mail, SMS or letter when the material is in and ready for you to borrow.

Films borrowed from the library are for private use only. The age limit for borrowing a film is the same as the recommended age limit on the film. The library is not liable for any damage to the video/CD/DVD player etc.



You can return materials borrowed from us at any of our libraries, as well as at libraries in other Norwegian municipalities. Outside our libraries, there are return boxes, which you can use at your own risk.

Fines for late returns

You are responsible for returning materials on time. If borrowed materials are over-due, we send you a delinquency notice of this by e-mail or a text message. You decide how we notify you on My Pages (‘Mine sider’ in Norwegian)/the Bibliofil App. The primary goal of the fines for late returns is to ensure good access to the library’s collection.

We send the first delinquency notice and the fine one (1) week after the due date.

The fine for adults (over 15 years of age) is 40 NOK. Children and institutions receive only reminders to return materials, not fines. We send the last delinquency notice three (3) weeks after the due date (the fine for adults is then doubled).

You can pay a fine at the Bibliofil App, or at the library.

Lost materials

If materials are nevertheless not returned to us after two (2) notices of a fine, we consider the material to be lost. We then send an invoice, followed by a debt collection warning. Contact us to arrange for compensation (or return) before we send an invoice to a collection agency. If you have an e-invoice agreement with Trondheim Municipal Authority, an e-invoice from us will show up at your online bank.

You must compensate for lost or damaged materials in accordance with our current compensation schedule:

Material for adults  
Books 400,-
Audiobooks 500,-
Films 300,-
CDs 300,-
CD-ROM 500,-
Language courses 1000,-
Periodicals 100,-
Console games 600,-
Material loaned from other libraries 800,-


Material for children  
Books 250,-
Audiobooks 300,-
Films 250,-
CDs 250,-
CD-ROM 500,-
Language courses 1000,-
Periodicals 100,-
Console games 600,-
Material loaned from other libraries 800,-

There are separate compensation levels for loans of instruments from our music department, electric bicycles and tools from our Tool Library. Contact the library for more information. Upon delivery of materials, the library’s demand for compensation expires, and you are not to pay the invoice. You must do this within the time limit on the debt collection notice, which is 60 days after the date on the original invoice. You must deliver all the materials mentioned in the invoice. You will receive a credit invoice for the delivered materials.

After the due date on the debt collection warning, we send the invoice to collections and you no longer have the opportunity to return the borrowed materials. You will receive a letter from the collection agency containing information on the amount to pay. When the invoice is sent to collections, you lose the right to borrow again from the library. You will regain the right to borrow new materials once you have paid what is demanded by the collection agency. If you paid the invoice and then find anew what you borrowed, you can keep it. It is not possible to replace lost materials through the purchase of new copies.

Borrowing tools or electric bicycles

You must be 18 years or older to borrow electric bicycles or tools. You must sign a separate loan contract for an electric bicycle, and the loan terms for tools are stricter. We only lend out tools and electric bicycles for a certain number of days, and one must collect and return them at the same library during opening hours.

Privacy declaration

We need to store information about you if you are to use our services. You can read about what kind of information we store under ‘privacy’.

The loan rules and compensation rates can be changed without warning.

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