Borrow e-bike and tools


The tool library

In the libraries at Byåsen, Heimdal, Klæbu Moholt, Risvollan, Ranheim and Saupstad you can borrow hand tools. The “tool library” is a pilot project initiated by the organisation Future in our hands.

The age limit for borrowing tools is 18 years. The tools can only be returned to the library you borrowed them from, not the other public libraries in Trondheim. Contact the library in question to reserve tools before you pick them up.


All tools


Contact the libraries for questions or reservations.

Conditions for borrowing tools at Trondheim public library

  • The hand tools belong to Trondheim public library and is for non-commercial home use only.
  • The tools can not be tested or used inside the library.
  • Hand tools must be checked out from the library by an employee.
  • Lower age limit for borrowing and use of tools from the library is 18 years.
  • Tools borrowed at the library is only for private home use.
  • Organisations or professionals can not borrow tools for commercial use. Resale or subleasing is not allowed.
  • Read and follow the manuals and safety instructions provided with the tools.
  • If needed, read the producers own web pages for safety instructions and manuals.
  • Consumables needed for the tools, such as dust masks and emery paper, must be purchased on the side.
  • Notify the library at once if the tools are damaged or does not work.
  • Trondheim public library is not responsible for any personal or structural damages caused by tools borrowed from the library.
  • The tools must be returned to the same library branch they were borrowed from.
  • The borrowed tools must be returned cleaned and in the original packaging. All parts must be returned.
  • The borrowed tools must be returned within the loan time limit.
  • Any late fees must be paid according to the library’s rates. See the separate library rules.
  • Any tools destroyed or lost must be compensated according to the library’s rates.

Borrow an electric bicycle

You can now borrow an electric cargo bike at Trondheim public library. The trunk can carry up to 100 kg. The bicycle is fitted with winter tires in the winter months. The electric cargo bike can be borrowed for maximum three days. Minimum age limit for borrowing an electric bicycle is 18 years.

Electric bicycles can only be borrowed and returned at Byåsen, Moholt, Risvollan and the main library. You can reserve a bicycle by contacting the library.

Getting in touch to borrow an electric bicycle

Please contact the library for reservations or questions

Check availability

Terms for borrowing an electric bicycle

  • The electric bicycle, Christiania bikes model light, is the property of Trondheim public library. Please contact the staff if you wish to borrow the bicycle.
  • The age limit for borrowing the bicycle is 18 years.
  • Borrowing is for private citizens and for private use only. Subleasing is not permitted.
  • Please familiarise yourself with how the bicycle and its batteries work and read the instructions attached.
  • Make sure the bicycle is securely locked to a bicycle stand or another fixed alternative at all times or be placed locked inside.
  • The battery must be removed when the bicycle is parked/not in use. If the bicycle has a display, this must also be removed when the bicycle is parked. We recommend that the bicycle should not be left/parked in a public area.
  • If the bicycle is kept overnight, (00.00-06.00), it must be locked inside your garage/house due to insurance requirements.
  • The bicycle can carry maximum 100 kilos on the bed.
  • Please follow the current traffic regulations at any time.
  • Please notify the library as soon as possible if the bicycle does not work, is damaged or has any other malfunction.
  • Trondheim public library is not responsible in case of/for any damages caused to persons or items due to the borrowing and use of the bicycle.
  • The bicycle must be returned to the same branch it was borrowed, during the librarys opening hours.
  • The bicycles are in high demand, and it is therefore necessary that they are returned within the loan period to prevent any delays for the next loaner. If there are repeated breaches of the due date, the right to loan the bicycles could be suspended.
  • The bicycle garages shall not be used to store private belongings, only to store the bicycle.
  • The bicycle must be returned within the loan period and it should be cleaned and fully functioning with all its parts. If the loan is overdue, there is a fine according to the librarys regulations.
  • If the bicycle is not returned to the library, the compensation to be paid is NOK 50 000. Any damages, missing parts and/or repair will be billed.

How to charge the batteries

If you need to charge the batteries of the electrical bicycle, please follow the advise below. (Source: (in Norwegian)).

  • Remove the battery from the bicycle and charge it inside.
  • Don’t charge the battery while you’re asleep or away.
  • Charge the battery on a fireproof underlay, as the adapter might get warm during charging.
  • Do not charge a battery that has been damaged. Please return any damaged or not working batteries to the library.
  • Do not charge a battery that is wet or dirty around the power connectors.
  • Only charge the battery using the original charger supplied with the electrical bicycle.
  • Unplug the battery charger when it is not in use.

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